April 25, 2019

Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking, NHS says

  • October 25, 2017

There is a lot of debate and speculation about how smoking and vaping differ from one another. Most people who know about the research on both of these activities will say that vaping is the safer one, but they will often disagree about how much safer it is.

People who don’t know much about vaping may say that smoking and vaping are equally as harmful. To them, there is little difference between the two.

NHS, one of the most respected health organizations in the world, has released a statement that clarifies this for everyone and unequivocally sets the record straight on vaping versus cigarette smoking. They say that vaping is safer than smoking, and 20 countries have already signed their report in agreement. This isn’t just one isolated organization speaking an opinion; it is a number of nations agreeing to the facts. Another website AquaVape has included a lot of information on the same sort of topic.

According to the NHS’ statement, it is 5o times more dangerous to take up smoking as a habit than vaping, even when nicotine levels are the same in both of them. It’s not about the nicotine after all, but about all the harmful chemicals and effects that tobacco cigarettes contain.

It should be noted that NHA was very clear that e-cigs and vaping are not harmless. They have their risks, and those are risks that consumers need to be made aware of, but they are significantly less than they are for tobacco cigarettes/ Most vaporizer users already knew this information, but it is validating and encouraging to hear the same facts being showcased by an organization with some serious global clout.

The vaping industry comes under fire again and again by governments and organizations around the world every year. A lot of them are spewing misinformation and hurting the image of vaping and the industry as a whole. By demonizing vaping, they are making smoking as attractive as ever and depriving many consumers of their alternatives. No one is going to start vaping instead of smoking if they believe that they two are equally dangerous.

However, trends are showing that more people than ever are actually giving up their cigarettes and quitting the habit by using e-cigs instead. Many of the mare still getting their nicotine and are still addicted to the substance through the use of much safer e-cigs. Making a switch like that can add years onto the life of anyone who used to smoke regularly. The trend is positive one and it is only helped by news like this abut the NHA seeing e-cigs as the safe alternative to smoking. Smokers need more choices and more good options that will actually help them kick their habit and get the success they need over tobacco cigarettes.

A number of governments around the world are working to cut back smoking in their countries. Scotland is actually aiming for a smoke-free country by 2034, and they are rolling out a number of incentives and regulations to help move that process along. It’s not impossible to think that we could be seeing the end of smoking on a global scale in decade or two. The smoking industry seems to be fading out even as vaping charges ahead as an industry. That’s positive news for those concerned that smoking is killing the population and leading to millions of premature deaths.

The US government is joining many others in creating initiatives that prevent youth from ever taking up smoking and that encourage adults to quit smoking. They are creating legislation and incentives that allow people to keep their nicotine habit but that also prod them toward vaping instead of smoking. Anyone who smokes should be interested in safer alternatives, as there are very few habits as destructive as smoking.